Friday, August 20, 2010

Entry with a Pint

8/19/2010, Thursday.  First week of term, closed.  Went more fluidly than any past semester.  Was going to film a random episode tonight, but decided that the words need my focus.  There be no replacement, at all adequate or substantial, for the word written.  Have to keep reminding the Self of such, as I become more fascinated with the technological component.
Sipping a new beer, “Apocalypse.” Great mouthfeel and finish, crisp, clean, caressing with all notes.  Wonder how this evening will evolve, in this Room.  Will there be a wine tonight?  Maybe in a couple hours.  Now, I’m with ink and a pint.  So much before the author come morrow.  Was thinking of shooting some footage in Russian River, at a winery of course.  Need to get more footage from different areas to this log. 
With vinoLit, which has more gravity?  The vino, or the Lit?  Can’t tell.  But, I’m working with both as best as this penman’s able.  The Apocalypse, keeping me from mine.  For when should I set my alarm?  Don’t know.  2nite, locked in the studio.  Writing, wine.  So why am I drinking this beer?  Don’t know.
9:18p.  Have to thank JK for taking my shift tomorrow.  Finally, will get to focus on the projects of true importance.  Writing.  The page.  Me, my sights.  Hope this semester continues its tune.  I like exchanging ideas with other minds again.  Maybe this term will help catapult me to Stanford (don’t think I’ve forgotten about that target).  The Room, today, too slow.  Not that I love it when it’s hellish.  The sluggish forward to the interactions was frustrating, oddly antagonistic.  One guy felt the need to vocalize qualm with each wine I poured.  He was from Michigan.  What could he know about wine?  I know that statement’s elitist and ignorant, but that’s how I felt, feel.
Currently, just relaying the consciousness stream to the page. Aimless, not that amusing.  Closing this little monster, the laptop.  Come early day moments, I’m a busy badger, scribbling for sanity.  Have more to address, but retirement of eve is now necessary.  Must return to my short stories, those tussling with this wine industry life...

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