Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stretched like Plans, because of Plans

So much on the plate. Yes, all delicious. But still. My excitement for the new teaching term is all but remnant. Those classroom hours and efforts will take from this wine writing and exploration, adventure. The classroom, too confining. But I won’t let it me trap. Balance, must execute such.

Back to Passalacqua tonight. An affair with Zin. Don’t plan on sipping. In fact, I won’t let Self. Must stay scribbling, taking useful photos, on-task.

Another entertainment that resurfaced in this vision: the wine bar. On the site of some fellow bloggers, there was a visit to a wine bar in Paso Robles, or thereabouts, which approaches the union of wine and art in the wine bar atmosphere the same way I see. Had me thinking, maybe I shouldn’t just keep this bar of mine, “Wine Knot,” on these sheets. Can’t be too impulsive.

(8/14/2010, Saturday)

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