Monday, August 30, 2010

Maniacal Mini-Manuscript

Exhausting Monday.  Frenzied and stretched.  What if I don’t write tonight?  Either way, I had to say this Cabernet has a play, a lasting stay.  More than okay.  Think this may be MY varietal.  I think a lot of people say they’re Pinot people because it’s a fad.  I know I’ve found my Self in waters scorching with such utterances, ‘blank’ people and that their grape is a trend, but that’s what I see.  Cabernet is overlooked, viewed as too ubiquitous and commonplace.  But if masterfully executed, it can be momentous and artistically astounding, quite profound, like this very ’05.  With this sip, I consider all wine social media, and how to make it more Literary...
Wine’s complexities, throughout these old entries about which I currently scavenge.  For free, lost.  No cost, a slow toss.  The tasting Room, my notes, the characters, skating eights on the other side of the mind’s gate.  This bold Cab makes me bold.  Forgetting about how I’m getting old.  32 next year.  Not fair.  I appreciate the same as the brilliantly constructed quagmire in the glass.  Want to check out other wineshops, I was thinking on the drive back from Solano this afternoon.  Marin, the East Bay, Los Angeles, everywhere.
Tomorrow, last Tuesday in the Room.  Plan on recording and sharing the entire shift.  
The glass has tipped another Cab sip.  Think I have 35 pages selected for my mini-manuscript.  A  chapbook that WILL be released, self-produced.  No more waiting.  I think of the Self aligned with burgeoning winemakers, stopping at no existential minefield to bottle their soul, vision.
10:02p.  Just wasted a whole bucket of time on trouble-shooting with this new camera.  The latest skirmish between technology and I has ignited.  IT will always lose, because I don’t in it my faith place.  Why can’t I shake this inner instability.  This putrid device.  The sips send a special mend... 
Such a long day 2morrow.  Classroom, then the Room.  The time tonight, passing like a merciless lover.  Cruel, and unconcerned with my deterioration.
(Monday, 8/30/2010)

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