Sunday, August 1, 2010

Night Writer II

Preparing for still. Presently, I reflect with circumstances and potentials, variables. Sipping Malbec, envisioning 2morrow. Need to begin with Chapbook2. Hoping the day will provide heavenly scenery like this installment. Might venture to the square. Do some tasting and write offsite from there. What a leap for this log...

Can’t wait for the new business cards to arrive. “Wine Writer/Blogger,” they’ll read. Cruising to the Square sounds nice, now that I assertively picture. Tiring, my keys are relieved with the decrease of deed speed. Starting to think that Malbec is just a fad, just as Pinot was/still is. Even when blended, it lacks energy, presence. Might have to pour this into the already-full sink.

Hate how I create typos, how I have to re-read, re-read(x3). Why do I have to be human? Why can’t I be phantasmagorical like the wines I tasted in France? Wanting to rewrite my character, before any submission.

(8/1/2010, Sunday)

1 comment:

  1. Well if Malbec is a fad, I am going to enjoy it regardless of how long the fad lasts! The Gann Family Cellars Alexander Valley Malbec is a treasure! it is as smooth as silk, complex as no other, and one of the many amazing wines we have at Cellars of Sonoma! Yes I am one of the owners of Cellars, however this wine is truly a special wine if you like a big, bold well balanced complex Malbec!

    Malbec a fad? I hope not!