Sunday, August 1, 2010

Night Writer I

Sipping the Sonoma County Cabernet. My interest and endeavors in social wine media have detracted from, and ailed, my Craft. Not tonight. This session, words solely. What an interesting progression in the Room today. “All-star cast,” as JK would state. Mark, Lonny, George, Cara, Cam, James, and, I guess, my Self (not that I self-eval as an all-star). Guests from so many stages, many from southern U.S. Photography, with each shift. Difficult to resist. My new phone/camera, already heaping.

Technology and I are still in feud. It won’t win. It can’t. I’m pushing the bloody buttons. Tomorrow, out to taste. Another run with my Juliet, Dry Creek? Maybe I should go write in Annadel. Have wanted to do that since Dad and I began our contemplative saunters within its peaceful channels. Sipping the Cab, I delight in such a possible offsite session.

Was recently pushed to follow through with the wine shop notion. This individual said, “Hold nothing back!” And I sit here stirred, planning...

(8/1/2010, Sunday)

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