Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mike and Steve Take Napa

We arrived early. Quite early, humorously so. We drove around, past Revana, and saw that the traffic was building up. Turning around, we were enveloped in stillness. What we should do before, the question before us. I couldn’t get over all the options on both sides of the St. Helena Highway. The color intensity and thickness of the extensive vineyards almost took my impressionable eyes from the 29. Had no alternative but to look at the surroundings, with the traffic at both bow and stern. Steve and I thought about doing a little tasting before. And we did, a few ticks after the following was shot...

So while in the Napa Valley for the Heidi Barrett interview, I decided that Steve and I should make a project of it. As soon as we came down from the Calistoga grade, I self-affirmed: I need to make it over here with more frequency. Sonoma and Napa’s sibling rivalry, ridiculous. Sonoma County people need to get over it. Napa is lovely, just as Sonoma is. And, as Steve and I discussed on the ride over: it’s about the wine, not you. So, get over it. We made a decision to enjoy Napa’s glory as unbiased oenobuffs. We had a difficult time deciding in the hour we had before the interview where we should stop. Since we arrived early to Revana, the Barrett destination, we decided to take a closer look at the fruit. I was just taking pictures like an aimless tourist. Mr. Finkle, aka the Magic Man, had a more intensely perceptive scope. He pulled me to the side and showed me...

We hit two wineries, Trinchero and Twomey. At Trinchero, a gentleman named Michael (easy for me to remember, don’t know why I asked for his card) invited us to taste two rich multidimensional Cabs, and a 100% Petite Verdot that completely stuffed me into silence. Smooth, intricate, with tenacious humility in the unique sequence of notes. I left wondering, how did they do that with 100% PV? Most PV’s I’ve tasted are either blended with something to calm it down, or so tannic I have to let it simmer for a good brick of time.

Then, after the Barrett meeting, Twomey. A lovely young lady, Ava, displayed her incredible, incomparable, hospitality and knowledge by showing Steve and I the barrel room, as she saw I was having difficulty with glass reflection while taking pictures. The barrels in the pics below are of their ’09 Merlot.

Upon completion of the fabulous tasting experience, one upon which I’ll always reflect, Ava offered us two comp logo glasses. This is the first time I’ve ever been graced with such. The Sauv Blanc was a bit acidic, but still fortified with fruit and poise. And, the “Merlot with muscle,” as Steve called it, wow. I may be coming back for this. A bottle of that, and one of the PV’s from Trinchero...on the self-gift list definitely.

What an amazing day on the other side of the hill. Napa Valley, you have certainly antagonized intrigue. A new experience bridging others. Can’t wait. Have no idea where Steve and I’ll land next, but you’ll be the first to find out. Sip, sip...Cheers!

(Tuesday 8/3/10)

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