Friday, August 27, 2010

Me, My Morning Mocha

Almost done with a big writing project.  Thank you, morning mocha!!!  Taking a break from editing.  Will be in the Room in a matter of hours.  Thinking of celebrating my discipline this morning with a nice dinner tonight, to pair with the Pinot I opened a little over 12 hours ago.  Or, maybe I should go to Safeway, pick one at random.  That’s always fun to do, taking a risk with a bottle, exploring.
Need to enact discipline in all facets, just as a winemaker would.  During harvest, those 18 hour days when they have to be at work at 4am, sometimes before, there is no alternative.  I the like now enact.  Sip, sip...
Love you, morning mocha.
(Friday, 8/27/2010)

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