Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot, Stuck, Rushed

Leaving for Solano in about 30 minutes.  Just finished filming a podcast episode.  Already smoldering, cruel, outside.  Chris, one of the owners of the ad agency I’m writing for, said yesterday almost made him sick.  I’m of like sight.  Not that I DON’T delight in the intense heat, I detest it.  Waiting for the cast to upload, catching up on Hoot ‘n’ Annie’s blog posts.  Social media is fun, and quite useful, but it is no substitute for the literary.  Speaking of moving the pen, I don’t stress over typos the way I used to.  I find them funny, charming, and Human.  I do the best I can in editing, but some pieces won’t be flawlessly groomed.  Thinking of trying a new beer tonight.  Need a wine break.
(Wednesday 8/25/10)

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