Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And so...

Was going to broadcast tonight.  But I need to write, this night.  Sonoma County Malbec to the right.  Each sip, a wistful whirlwind, winding my ways and days.  I’m thinking about a lecture sequence, for responding to wine with literary posture and approach.  Would anyone be interested, invigorated?  I’d take such a class, at Stanford.  I’d teach such.  MY dream/s.  Can’t let that go.  I’m Literary, what can I say?
All this tech around me, here in the office, forces another sip, sips.  Moving Malbec, a chant to one’s wiring.  This wine is providing lines and signs in and out of mind.  Should I attach a pic to this entry?  Why should I have to?  To accommodate the lazy?  This log, where the oenological and belletristic amalgamate.  It requires mental vivacity.  If one finds that objectionable, they should pass.
(Tuesday, 9/7/2010)

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