Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lost in Bland

Late.  And, later.  Closing with the buttery Chard I so loathed last night.  Can’t believe I’m still awake.  Been up since 5am.  But, this is harvest.  As a wine “blogger,” I must keep pace with the deviceful maneuvers of the makers of wine.  This not-so-light white tightens my sight.  I’m fading, I’ll concede.  If tonight were to be my final manuscript, I’d be sorrowful.  Candidly, I shouldn’t be scribing.
My book, deprived.  This wine, worshipped.  Shouldn’t be a wine “blogger” anymore.  It’s not Literary.  Not tonight.  Because of me.  My error.  But how could it be erroneous when I so adore the wine, and my blog/log?  So I keep typing, thinking of my character, Kelly, and mine own character, charisma.
(Tuesday, 9/28/2010)

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