Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend Reflection

Back from the Sonoma Wine Country Event at the ethereally startling MacMurray ranch.  Saw familiar figures, met ones new.  Looking through all my notes and pics.  Overwhelmed, just as this poet was upon landing on the artistically propelling grounds.  The world of wine surprises me continually with its vastness and wonder.  Food, the pairings with, and beer.  Yes, beer is a resident in the world of the grape.  Not to say that beer depends upon grape magic, but it is welcomed here.  If anything, we depend upon beer.  I know I do.  Was relieved to see Bear Republic on the grounds today.  Will confess to consumption of a couple Racers.

The marriage of cuisine and vino, more than extraordinary, is properly synced.  The chefs with whom I today chatted shared snaps of their practice.  How they prepare, their background, favorite dishes, what have.  Tonight, Alice and I will be scurrying to Rosso, an artisan pizza destination, and wine bar (!) off of Brookwood.  I will be noting me attempted pairing.  I always select this one Malbec on the menu.  Always seems to link with whatever pizza I take.
Now, I try to make sense of all the materials carried home.  So many pictures, so much literature, so many business cards.  But, more importantly and significantly, so much fun.  A great cluster of moments, sights, characters.  As one from the literary world, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend was a treasure chest of page contribution.  In addition to typing this entry, I scribble on scratch paper, a consciousness stream.
Winemakers a plenty today as well.  Hearing them speak about their opuses, the steps thereto, was humbling.  Need to interview another maker of the wine, I thought to Self.  They know about Craft, discipline, variables in the journey.  Today’s event confirmed, reaffirmed, that this wine country life seeps literary elements, artistry, universally.    
Wondering if I’ll ever open my wine bar.  I have to, someday.  Don’t I?  Keeping a detailed log of recently sipped gems, prospective candidates...
(Saturday, 9/4/2010)

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