Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reflection: Nicholson Ranch

Scenery, wine.  This is what I look for, as a wine writer, as a Human who simply adores wine.  Enraptured by the pond, I’m sublime, more than fine.  In a reflective pause.  Tasted through two Chardonnays, both Californian in palate approach to finish, three Pinots, one Merlot (fruit from SoCo and Napa), and two Syrahs.  All steadfast and savory, impressively distinguished.  Always been meaning to stop by this beautiful spot on Napa Road, on the way back from Solano and/or Napa, but never had.  Glad I did today.  Great hospitality from Clayton and Tasting Room Manager Charles Whittaker, memorable experience, and pleasurable overall elementalism.  Enamored with all that’s around my stance.  Again, asking Self, why have I not stopped here before?  Even with the nearness to 12 and Napa Road, so much calmness, ataraxia.
One thing that really captivated (as much as I hate that recycled word) me, was the lawn and pond to the left of the tasting Room’s structure, and the protective hills.  Views, encircling.  I walk around, stealing moment after moment, stuffing them all into this camera.  I can see myself, or anyone in adoration of this wine world, sharing a bottle with a loved one, enjoying lunch, delighting in the wine life’s lights.
I walked outside, thinking of the ’06 Pinot I selected, wondering if I should call some close friends right at the very moment, beg them to experience this scene, this coastal, fruity elixir.  Thinking of an occasion to open it.  But I don’t think I can prolong.  Tonight, the very warranted inducement I need.  May be returning to this hilltop fantasy sooner than estimated.  Pictures, wine, obligingness.  Yes, soon.  Quite.  Should have snatched a bottle of that Merlot, all the Syrahs...yes, need to return.  Soon.  Quite. 
I’m wrapped in a transcending spread of tranquility and intrigue.  Why have I never before visited?  Not important.  Was cheerfully trapped in my moments there.  Bought a bottle of the 2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot.  Oh I said that already.  Forgot, because I now it sip.  Definitely, visit this gem at 12 and Napa Road.  Sip, sip...

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