Friday, September 3, 2010

Work Day

At the ad office.  Waiting for editorial remarks.  Currently, the principals and other more-anchored crew members are interviewing a prospective, I think, graphic designer.  Love this office.  The spaciousness, the decor, the constant musical delivery.  Currently, “Holographic Universe” by Thievery spills from the speakers.
Just got back from lunch.  Sipping my mocha, as I failed to get one in the AM.  Need to organized the home office, so I can get these ideas onto paper, with some pragmatism.  Thinking of advertising my writing services for the sake of print advertising, and copy editing/writing more.  Especially with the wine and food business, and hospitality.  The prospective and tentative name for such a biz...well, there’s two: 1) The Madigan Group, and 2) planetPLANET (may have told you about this one already).  
(Friday, 9/3/2010)

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