Saturday, September 11, 2010

My View and Pour

What is it about these vineyards that lassos me? The shape, pattern, color, invitation.  Will never take my eyes away, even if they develop minds of their own and tire of the vines.  What I sip comes from there.  It once had a home, there.  Laziness is warranted in front of this scene.  The vines want me to enjoy the fruit of their labor.
Sipping, I startle my Self.  With what?  The realization that I can’t enjoy this forever.  But I’m joyous, more motivated to sip, appreciate this view, all contents.  This Cab: sturdy with its tannic involvement; fruit, tenacious; earthiness, dallying but not obnoxious.  Great follow-through in each phase.  This vinoLit Life, extraordinarily pleasant and rewarding.  Sip, sip...
(Saturday, 9/11/2010)

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