Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night Note: Tight Rope

Sales great in the Room this day.  All troops rewarded with comp’d bottle of choice.  Me: 2005 Meritage.  Weather optimal, to be modest.  Couldn’t stop talking about yesterday, thinking about it.  The wine, people, scenes, interactions and concerted chef mastery.  My mission, one of them (of many), is to vehemently research wine food unions and correlations.  Why am I not using the simplistic tag of “pairing"? Because it is just that, too simple.  You can “pair” anything.  But does it sync, form some flavor union, create some consumable harmony?  That’s what these slicko sommeliers don’t adequately discuss when showing how much they know.  Most of them, anyway.
Sipping the ravishing Racer 5 tonight throws this penman again back to yester’s ideality.  I fumble in fantasy, shame on me...
(Sunday, 9/5/2010)

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