Friday, September 10, 2010

Pellegrini Family Blend, 2005 Sonoma County Red Wine, and the Sonoma Market

On the way home from work, I decided that I needed to go hunting for a great wine with a great price point.  Stumbled upon the 2005 Pellegrini Red Blend, a harmonious tussle of Zin, Merlot, and Carignan.  Bright red fruit with a sexy smoke string, medium body.  Slightly herbal and persistent.  The nose is a poetic blurb followed by a methodical palate approach.  The finish, relentless and unyielding in taste note solidification.  The sips truly tie together.  Paired it with a Greek pizza last night.  Piquancies intermingling with no turbulence.  Another wine with a versatile flavor profile, and only $10.99 at the Sonoma Market!  It would be wise to hoard a couple of these for yourself, keep a good cache at the ready...Sip, sip.

And, the location of purchase, the reliable and sophisticated, not to mention friendly, immaculately laid-out, Sonoma Market.  Top-notch meats, cheeses, produce.  Not to mention the impressive wine selection, and wine expertise on the staff’s end.  I was assisted by a Mr. Michael Short when considering the Pellegrini for the blog.  Vast selections of everything from cookies and crackers, to nuts, to beer, seafood to the best quality eggs.  Even gifts and flowers!  Encompassing, but not overwhelming.  I walked around, able to find everything (I was, in my head, assuming the role of a shopper...had a list and order, everything for character assumption).  Ingeniously organized and maintained.  Definitely stop by.  They can be located at 500 West Napa Street, Suite 550 in Sonoma.  Don’t forget your list!  

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