Friday, August 5, 2011

8/5/2011, Friday

Sitting frenzy, worded, one last before driving away from this August’s 5th.  Last night’s candle composition, embedded in head.  Tonight, mostly Racer 5, not much wine.  Surprisingly, I was scolded for announcing my delight in beer.  Who is anyone, especially some social media, or “industry,” ratsbane to remark on my reactions, my writing, efforts?  This page, moved by Healdsburg’s more ameliorated beer.  Where’s the infraction?  I work for, WRITE FOR, mySELF.  I am not a “wine guy.” Who would want to title themselves such?  Me, I’m just a meanderer with ink.  True, I imbue varietals, often.  At times, daily.  More than occasionally, yes.  But I’m one in a page.  Mine, or other authors.  4ever in study.  sipNscribble, that’s what I do ... 

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