Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oeno-Response: Robert Sinskey Vineyards

Finally had time invite to visit Sinskey.  In my obsession with tasting Room designs, layout approaches, pervading profile, I was pleasantly puppeteered to roam, look.  Loved the low lighting, color palate of the walls, bar, tables, bottle labels.  Ryan, a cool Canadian kid tending counter, welcomed me, starting the flight off with a energetically bright Pinot Blanc, 2010, Los Carneros. Tropical, floral, shyly sweet.  Adamant in its delivery, presence.  Next, sipped a white blend, the 2010 Abraxas, also Carneros.  Then, to red.  Ryan poured me the ’08 Napa Pinot, a “mystery blend” from 2007 monikered “Marcien,” Proprietary Red.  Finale-ing with an ’05 Stags Leap Cabernet. 

I’d have to announce my winner as the 2008 Pinot.  And with a tag of only $38 dollars, I could now retributively, vengefully, demerit mySelf for not walking away with six bottles.  No, I should have cased-up on this wine.  Upon tasting adjournment, I walked around some more.  The Sinskey Room, entrapping in all corners.  Older vintages to look at, no obnoxious merchandise maze, and MAGNUMS.  On such thematics, today was “BIG LOVE” day on the RSV grounds.  Meaning, all poured for the guest falls from magnum muscle.  Plus, nectarous nibbles from the intimidatingly masterful Sinskey kitchen crew.  Can’t remember all that was on that luxuriantly ostentatious little plate, but each bite: levels beyond delicious.  Couldn’t decide which I wanted to advance upon first, when I started.  But, I realized, why not engage in symphony.  And with Ryan’s pairing suggestions, no flaws, only flavored forward.
Great views, I noticed when walking back to the car.  Would be a great place to just take pictures, write.  Curse my day’s other appointments.  Silverado Trail, fortunate to have this tasting Room, its bay of bottles, colony of wine sages in its dimension.  What stands out to me about this visit, what makes it worthy of this page, the contrast of outside to inside.  The grounds are delightful, all shades, spaces, flavors.  But, when a guest enters that Room, you’re upon a true wine plain, a savory separatist sector.  True tranquility in Sinskey’s Room.  No rush, no skirmishing with elements, other guests.  Already planning the revisit.  Sooner = better.  For me, the page.  Sip, sip ...    

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