Sunday, August 21, 2011

AM, 8/21/11

Sunday.  Thinking about writing, wine, photography, video, all of it this morning.  My own office, lab, outside the house.  Winemakers, what would they counsel?  Yet another question for my sister.  But, as I have always embraced solitude, autonomy, SOVEREIGNTY, I solicit Self for scope.  One idea I had: no new directions, stick with the blog, keep it alive, shove it into lucrative leaps.  This means, more coverage of everything wine, even if it’s covert journalism.  Chefs probably wake feeling like this, like they should persist with what earned them acclaim, landed them a position at a restaurant, or what made them successful to the point of owning their own.
By no means does this entail an abandonment of the Literary.  Just saw the time, 10:24a.  Have to leave for the winery in less than 15.  Carrying these thought’s to Kaz’s lab.  Have always found that Room inspiring, him as well, his wines, the labels.  Defiance, a necessary ingredient for fortunate forward ...

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