Saturday, August 13, 2011


I’ve identified a possible unintended omission in my wine-twined lines.  The concert facilitated by wine’s attuning with food, a well measure dish.  As a writer, I’ll ADMIT a portion of my reality, in current: it’s difficult to center adequate coin for any consistency in food outings.  But the occasional seating is perfectly sufficient.  It’ll have to be for this exploration.  It’ll just have to be, simply.  Plan more, research restaurants, their themes, reputations, chefs, cuisine styles.
I want to see how many of the “known” wine-food assimilations are actually as optimal as boast by some “expert.” Another objective in “OPERATION: vinoDish,” to see how many pairings an “expert,” be it sommelier or chef, claims don’t “work” actually result in a moment quite pleasing.  Because, and let us remember, wine with its guiding cuisine, I would think, are meant to be enjoyed with imperative characters in our respective tales.
And maybe this is just an excuse to break my budget, enjoy food and wine allineations.  Even if it’s not fine with my wallet, it’s enlivening to me.  Who is my aging wallet, with its frail leather and random fabric protrudings, to criticize me?  Anyway, I aim to see what works, what doesn’t.  Primarily, for me.  It’s my palate, right?  But then I’m reminded, all palates sing their own tone.  How could something “work,” inarguably?  So, more food with the wine.  Should probably consider interviewing a slew of chefs.  Their presence in kitchen, playful amalgamations of ingredients, plate settings, forever fascinating to me.  And how they have a certain wine in mind when tasting through varietals, flights.  I just want to ask, “How do they do that?” Maybe I’ll find out during vinoDish.  I’m just a writer that wants to learn more.  Have to think Food, just as much as I fly in Wine.  Sip, sip ...     

[8/13/2011, Saturday, 9:45a]

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