Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can I Revisit ... ???

What guests always ask.  And I throw such at Self, when near past sessions.  My toe tips, resting against the well of old papered orations.  Didn’t take the laptop to NWG with me today, for the promised lunch Literary leap.  But tomorrow, I finally fulfill.  Kelly on the mind as I dial, swim through sales leads.  In my glass, presently, here at the desk with me, the ’06 SoCo Cab from last night.  The profile approaches with more determination, as if angry I didn’t finish it last night.  Doesn’t it know I have to work, wake up early for an hour’s-worth commute?
Revisiting the fog from this morning.  Most enriching I’ve yet met on a drive to NWG.  It told me to organize with the writings, to hurry, talk more to Kelly, she waits for your questions, interview, deconstruction.  First release’s due date, less than 2 weeks distanced.  I have to make use of the enveloped money.  This could be my last chance to stash cash, for self-publication, or anything.  More focused, Now, than I’ve ever been, ever.  Downtown Napa, during lunch, calmly actioned.  And I just eat lunch.  No ink, sheet.  Tomorrow: caffeine, composition.  Eager to see if I fulfill this promise, I tell the Cabernet glass, at right, by the printer.  That bowl, more armed, heavily, than this skinny poet.  Kelly’s crowd, waiting for her pages ... 
My mini-Mead, useful today, for observations encased, while dialing.  Me, not Winston.  I’m Orwell.  The observer, narrator.  Sipping, scribbling, like my brother Steve saw, sees in me, we.  The office space here in the domicile, more spaced, welcoming to flowing fruition.  Tomorrow, Friday.  Thankful?  Yes.  Mocha planned for 12:30-1:30p; writing, frenzied pen skips, ink drips.  No time wasted, I can’t afford it.  The Cabernet, whistling an odd tune, one minute past ten.  Is it mad?  Hard to tell.  Confusing tannins.  I remember describing, to a customer today, one of the wines as “persistent in character and composition.”  She said, “Huh, whatever that means.” As if I’m such an addlepate, for creative descriptions of wine personalities, for going beyond numbing cataloguing of predictable descriptors.  The opposing argument would read something to the tint of, “That’s what the consumer wants, knows...” I respond, “So?  I love wine, and I react to it as I elect.” -8/18/2010, Thursday 

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