Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Clocking in, as I resettle here in the bunker, back from a couple tasks in the Room, 12:04p.  4 shot mocha to right, haven’t yet sipped.  Already miss the Room, its elements.  Can’t give that focus, not in this session.  I need to be a true writer, with demonstrative innovation, creative influx.  First sip, surprising with its smolder.  This office, a mess.  Stresses me.
12:45p.  Just finished writing my magazine article.  Was dreading it.  Not sure why.  But, as I expected, once I started typing, it was done.  The Chronicle event was one of those socials that changed the way I see vinoLit, Wine Journalism.  Need rest.  I want this cold, or what name this annoyance deserves, to fly away.  It’s frustrating this wine scribe, more than debilitating him.

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