Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lake Extensive, Reflective

Back from dinner, and the night only now starts.  I don’t know how much proof one would need to fully understand, appreciate really, how wine makes an occasion.  Births memories.  Sipped a Malbec, Gann, at Mom and Dad’s, so I another sip here, from St. Francis.  Tonight’s entertainment of the wine bar/tasting Room potentialities peak my intrigue with enveloping unfamiliarity.  They encouraged me to embrace my experimental integrity, but consider visions as if from the side of an investor.  I’ll concede--shouldn’t state it like that--I’ll buoyantly reveal that I walked away from our Ideas Exchange immeasurably enriched, awake, abreast of industry and entrepreneurial variables.  I’m more cunning, like Joyce, but from a business perspective.  More evaluative, more tempered, more inclusively pragmatic.  And all this engagement about a wine business leap, spoken over wine, in its presence.  Sipping the present Malbec, I keep revolving.  Do I want to keep my wine bar, or lounge, tasting Room, what have, to the page?  OR, do I want to actually jump?  See if I can truly do it?  It’s difficult for a wine writer to do more than just write about IT, I’ll admit.
Tomorrow morning, that belonging to the mocha manuscript.  Not bringing the laptop monster with me.  Only paper, ink.  Can’t shake the encouraging tremors from dinner’s discussion.  Thinking about clocking out, but I want to enjoy my night, with these sentence floods.  Amazing weather, “amazing weather,” quotes needed, projected for many of days coming.  Wishing for rain, me.  Feel like I’m the only.  Why?  Better for the session, I feel.
Thinking about my instructional killer.  Need to shove him into a manuscript.  Maybe tomorrow, with the mocha.  Dad told me tonight that he recently read a book in five days, one that totaled 225’s excess.  Want to say it was over 240, actually.  Why can’t I write a book, or collect old writings to form a collective work, in five days?  Or less.  3 months and 27 days from 32.  Lot on my mind, while at this Malbec’s side.  Urging all readers to sip and scribble...  -2/2/11

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