Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Post

Need a better camera.  No, photography will not take precedence over the page.  But it does contribute to propulsion, the content, even if there’s no pic in the post [blog].  And, quite simply, it’s fun.  What can I say?  Even at my advanced age, I like to have fun.  Especially in the wine world.  If I’m not sipping at a winery, I’m scribbling notes, pocketing pics.
Not feeling good, still.  Wish this stupid, whatever it is, would just vanish.  What sinister gratification could it be enjoying while crippling me like this?  Nothing a glass of Cab can’t cure, I’m sure.  Not missing the rain today.  Colors, too attractive, deservingly distracting.  Would pair ethereally with warmer temperature, slight, and a crisp Sauv Blanc, politely oaked.  A bit tangential, I know.  But wine does that to me.  It invites it.

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