Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Getting hungry, here at 4:35p.  Haven’t felt like eating till now.  Curse this cold, or whatever.  Decluttered and cleaned a bit when I returned from distributing some copies of the Letterz.  Bought Pickett’s novel.  Put it atop my other reading assignments.  
The second Letterz issue will entail no gratis copies, in its dissemination.  All 75 will be sold.  Speaking of which, I need to start chipping away at the sophomore installment.  Maybe I’ll just write the whole thing, one sitting, Thursday morning.  With my mocha, at the coffee shop.  Characters around and about my entrenchment.  
-Think I’ll hold off on the camera; Need to invest in the business, publishing Self.
-Take more notes, the more unintelligible, sporadic, random the better
-May not be in the mood for wine, afterall.  Sometimes, a wine writer should make it a point to temporarily disassociate... 

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