Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflection: Tonight’s Yelp Event

11:09p.  Finally home.  Yes, a long drive.  But entirely worth it.  Already posted last night’s podcast somewhere, but I decided on the drive home to post a link here, to show my new Yelp crew what I was talking about, my approach to the social media reality, and how it intermingles with wine, my Literary/artistic conceptualization.  Loved talking to this evening’s attendants.  Jennifer, the MACLA administrator who cleverly arranged everything, helped me get set up; Abby, the Yelp manager who invited Alderbrook and my Self to pour at her social; and, most notably, my new Yelping colleagues, who made this occasion so enjoyable and memorable for me, as a writer.  Loved their questions, responses to the wine, telling me how much they envy what I do, the product I represent - wine.  Said to Self that I wouldn’t be having a glass of wine, beer, tonight.  Too tired, and I am.  Keeping my promise: no wine, beer.  I sip champagne, a bold brut, toasting to tonight’s ideality, celebratory profile.  Meant what I said earlier, “Best event ever!” Sip, sip, my new fellow minds...


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