Monday, February 28, 2011

vinoLit, 2/27/11: Pinotcast

Still reacting from my immersion in this confusing varietal’s presence.  Somewhat at a loss, but still fortified.  How is that possible?  Contradiction, what Whitman found most applaudable.  Sipping this ’08 Lost Canyon, I wonder if I am, afterall, “a Pinot lad, a Burgundy boy,” as I wrote in the maiden issue of Letterz.  Feel foolish for phrasing such.  Well, now I’m changed, remolded.  And this is not just a Rex Pickett thing; This, a rediscovery, FOR ME.  Time might tell, and it might not.  Either way, I’m enjoying.  Even if this is a phase, which I’m almost convinced it’s not, I’m eased.  Actual Equilibrium.  Tonight’s writing session, assured to be lengthy.  As Pinot persists, so might I.  Sip, sip ...

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