Thursday, February 17, 2011

vinoLit Show: Dionysus, Lovely Reflection

Didn’t expect a turn like this in my day, evening.  Again, what I love about this industry, another layer, the unexpected.  Watching the episode below, sipping the Cab, still giddy.  A new discovery, the brainspawn of an old friend.  Feeling quite Dionysian mySelf.  Tonight’s episode, also one of spontaneity, Humanness, improvisation.
Just as this Cab is tidally savory, so be my aims with my praise of Dionysus Winery.  Not just because one of the proprietors is one of my friends, but because the approach is unique, its sailing ideology, bottled demonstration.  The model, the product.  And honestly, all analysis aside, this is my friend’s endeavor.  Her dream, her product.  What the wine industry invites: DREAMS.  To supporting friends, their visions.  Sip, sip ...

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