Thursday, February 10, 2011

In a Day2Me

Unknown.  No plan.  Love that.  Definitely doing my Random Russian River mission today.  Or tomorrow.  Write offsite.  That’ll be healthy.  Also want to develop some of these vineyard/winery/wine pictures in my cameras.  They keep piling up.  Might scout a new camera today.  But do I really want to throw that much $ into a device?  All I need, a writer, truly, is paper and ink.  And yes, the little monster laptop, sometimes.  Just something I’m thinking about, as photography further encircles my interest.

Also going wine shopping, more than likely.  Need to toil more with unfamiliar producers, regions.  These songs, the wine lounge list, recently arranged, telling me not to think about it so hard.  Wine entails more spontaneity that seriousness.  

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