Thursday, February 24, 2011

vinoLit, 2/23/11

Had so much energy about my elemental interrelation, that I had to film.  An incredible new book, by an abounding author, some Cab that throws me to constellations, begets occasion warranted.  Wine continues to prove favorably antagonistic, with its  guidance.  Perpetual pagination of barreled passion.  Frankly, I’m excited for how my book will pour, thanks to Rex.  Almost sideways, not sure if I accept my vertical vision.
Stemless void, another begged.  As it occupies the quaint space, I race to place bait.  For who?  Me.  The host, the penman, hoping he’ll scribble more...
Note2Self:  Check camera depth in next episode; kind of funny this time, but maybe not at all...
AnotherNote:  Your chain’s backwards, writer.

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