Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introductorily Influenced, Line Fiddle

Sipping the remainder of last night’s blend.  Tonight, my Friday.  But why doesn’t it feel the like?  Warped, the beginning of this sitting.  Have a couple ideas for the next Letterz issue, but I toss them on the burner back.  Today, a bit slow in the Room.  But, a cluster of curiosity upon close.  It invigorates this writer when I connect with someone opening up to a varietal for the first time, verbally expressing their surprise, delight.  Precisely what unfolded when I poured the ’07 Pinot.  She said, “I never liked Pinot until this one.  This is a nice wine...” I reflect, now, within my envy of her sensation, discovery.  I want to explore, discover, be irresponsibly whimsical, just see what’s out there.  That’s what writing, wine, writing about/within/around wine should require.

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