Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/6/11.  Wednesday.  Sipping a beer.  No wine, yet.  Actually, tonight’s vino menu entails a Pinot I purchased recently.  Have been thinking about ideas for Lectures, lately, more than anything else, to be honest.  Not sure how I’m feeling about this wine “industry” anymore.  I’ll always love the wine, admire the winemakers.  How can I not appreciate fellow artists, like my sister?
Another thought, more of a re-re-emphasis: no more writing for free.  This is part of what motivates this Mike to murder mikeslognoblog on 12-31-11.  In the wine industry, it’s foolish to offer any service, be it Creative or other, and expect any return of effort, unless you’re outright billing, instantly invoicing.  So, this artist, staying an artist.  Charging for each word.  That’s quite a reinforcement for me.  That deserved a more-than-polite pour of Pinot.  Can’t remember the vintage.  Should have opened one of Katie’s stainless steel Chards.  If I had one.  Tonight, not as insistent in temperature as recently past, but still damp, gravity’d.  Uncomfortable.
Tasting scenic, this ’08 SoCoast Burgundy.  How is 9:22p already?  I just touched down, here in the castle, I feel.  Printing the last pages of BOOK1 tonight.  Dreading the edit.  Have no ideas from where the money comes to publish such a collated mess.  Thinking of the grapes now, the 2011s.  Where they are in growth, who will sip the ones I look at, randomly.  Only wine antagonizes such thoughts from me.  Well, aside from Literature.  Still reading Plath’s entries, when I can.  Need to have a reading session, as I do with writing.
-LECTURE:  Theory in Literature:  Hinderance or Homeostasis ... 
Longing for the classRoom, my students.  Fascinating about me at the class’ front as I did when I was at grad school’s final frames.  Perturbed with wine’s “industry,” for pulling me.  Wine, I love.  Hold that quote from me.  I have no problem with wine, levels and varietals.  Infuriated with self, for falling for hallowness, “industry” deceit, opportunism, cannibalism.  Sipping the Pinot, envisioning my Great Course.  At Stanford.  Thanking the WINE for easing me into such envision.  vinoLit ... 
[7/6/11, Wednesday]

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