Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doing about three things at once right now.  Editing film footage, an article submission to the magazine’s blog, and freewriting.  Need to consolidate.  Or not.  I need to connect with the creatively expressive paths I love, and do the best I can in organizing the material I accumulate.  To limit Self, especially as an artist, would be terminally harmful.  In my glass tonight?  No glass.  No wine.  Taking a break.  In fact, I’m sipping a Diet Coke at this late hour, 10:38p.  Idiotic, I know.  Wine makers inhale caffeine during harvest, so I’m embodying their enviable ethic, this night.
Watching this Rootstock 2011 footage, again, for first in a few days.  Forces me to remember how much I love film.  Thinking I just need to map out projects.  And due dates, yes, as much as I detest them.  Did Picasso or Van Gogh assign themSelves deadlines?  Probably.  Or maybe not.  Maybe they were entirely consciousness-streamed.  Becoming tired faster than I expected, especially following rapidly sipped fuel.  Clocking out, thinking of the winery I’m set to visit tomorrow.  This’ll be my 2nd presence on their grounds.  Truly livened with the impending scene I’m set to sip.  Their wines, I don’t have words now, for how depleted I am.  One word hopping in my head like an impatient child, “calculated.” How dynamically and deliciously dazzling they are, not by chance.  Now, I’m awake again.  

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