Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post-Anderson Valley, sipNscribble

Sipping some ’07 Cab Franc, as I just de-charge to Thievery Corporation, imagining Self in my Wine Lounge.  That’s what the other day ordered of this author.  To be out there.  Released.  Freed.  Walking by vines, through tasting Rooms.  Entrapment, in NO way vinoLit.  What’s Literary about complacency, inaction?  Wine is new, transition, kaleidoscopic tangentiality.  Plans’ absence, somewhat.  Crediting Anderson Valley, Roederer Estate, Brutocao Cellars for amendments to my wine writing wherewithal.
Back to the frank Franc in glass.  Quite punctuated.  In no way abbreviated.  Enjoying its gothically flavorful growl.  This is not just another supernova of an ’07.  My sips, now, here in this session, a testament to oeno-prowess, wizardry.  Tasty Aesthetic alchemy.  Bottles like this, make Mike write.  This, a true sipNscribble ...    

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