Sunday, July 17, 2011

oenoRebel, sipping

Why am I in this session?  I need2speak.  Or write.  Wine writers love the wine, the people drinking wine.  Yesterday’s event was a true attest to occasion, wine’s presence in those tock-ticks significant.  Thinking about my Now, the plated state of affairs.  Not sure it waltzes with this visionary palate.  Designing my own forward, scene set.  What element I want, need, in which corners.  Sipping to eventualities, not possibilities.  Only days away, in my stray fray.  It’ll monetarily relay.
Separatism, my tide, stride.  That’s my ticket, surely.  That’s what wine, my written reactions demand.  That’s what yesterday’s moments affirmed, quite stern.  Tomorrow, another NWG week’s ignition.  Love it.  Racer 5, tasting especially animated tonight.  Over 1000 words for the day, and I still want2scribble.  Is that sick?  Maybe a little.  But, so all acknowledge, critics too, this is how I sip an evening before a work week.  So what’s rebellious about this?  Nothing.  I’m not fighting.  I’m proceeding in my Me-ism.  Individualistic.  Mystic, intrinsic.
[7/17/2011, Sunday] 

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