Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yesterday, Reflect - Anderson Valley Wine Whim

Going through the pictures from yesterday’s wine mission in Anderson Valley.  Exploration, outside.  My preferred anesthesia, Aesthetic.  Last time I was up in Anderson, about five years ago.  The entire collectivity of that AVA, magnetic.  Unfamiliar.  Cathartic.  Couldn’t stop taking pictures, scribbling, shooting footage.  It’s quite possible I didn’t enjoy time with the family as much as I could have.  But I can’t think like that.  Have to focus on the visit, us there, transference2page.  Part of me struggled, too, with the reality of returning to NWG the day next.  But I snapped out of it.   Sipped, scribbled.  Shot stills.  In a spot, thrilled.

Sparkling wine continues to be more of staple in my taste cannon.  Roederer Estate, a stamp on my screen, vision.  Tasting there snapped me out of my reality/obligation coma.  I was on vacation.  With family.  All ideal.  Like something to which you look forward for weeks.  And I did.  Anderson Valley’s stretch, mythological.  To me, this is what wine, wine writing, wine life, wine “blogging,” wine-all entails.  No status, just the moment.  Stories, memories, laughs.  There was no script to our inclusive advance.  We took it note by note, one line at a time.  How else would you step in a wine day like this, an oeno-Sunday?

So, as I often do, I just stare at yesterday, on this digital camera’s screen surface.  Wishing mySelf back in the tastingRoom.  With family.  Sipping what I do now, in this office, after a blockading Monday, to them.  To yesterday.  Mine, ours, 4ever.  This current wine in my glass, a Cab from a spot we visited yesterday, Brutocao, tells me to de-charge Self.  Dream in the consciousness stream, about more like-vino missions.  It wasn’t a “mission.”  Need to stop using that word, hardly vinoLit.  It was a day.  For us.  Family.  Wine.  Time.  Ours.  Mine.  Sip, sip ... wine4ever
[7/11/11, Monday]

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