Saturday, July 30, 2011

Excerpt from Last Night's Writing

Too tired to further.  Need rest, and how I am ever enthralled to sleep in 2morrow.  Needed.  Sunday, back in the Room.  Material, character, new pages.  Just did a quick skim of BOOK1.  Saw Kelly’s name, innumerably.  Don’t want to classify her class.  She’s the varietal that should never be surveyed, evaluated.  Only appreciated.  My writing is starting to suffer.  Because of her.  I’m writing about this cherished character of mine, but can’t focus on the writing about her, as I’m too enveloped by her.  Make sense?  No?  To me, neither.  To my final sips before sleep, listening to some chilled rhythmic progressions.  Friday night, delightfully flavored ailment.

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