Saturday, July 9, 2011

Melodic Morsel of a Day, St. Francis Winery

So, my Saturday, my day off.  What did I cull for excursion, go to work, my second home, St. Francis Winery.  Today, they hosted an event, sponsored by local dial 95.9 FM, The Krush, where The Sorentinos would be sharing tunes with loyal local crowds, and characters from distances.  On the pouring menu, my favorite winery’s 2006 Lagomarsino Cabernet (Russian River), Katie Madigan’s 2009 Wild Oak Chardonnay, and the 2007 Giovanetti Zinfandel (also RR).  All melodically motioned.  Wines poured, implored chords.  No one bored.  And how could you be with such enviable conditions.  Many were taking pictures, just like I, holding on to the event, keeping it for Self.

Just another example of how wine makes the occasion.  Watching all the guests just dance, relax, unhinge, more than enough to spark me into such a fold. Bought a glass of the ’09 Wild Oak Chard.  Perfect for the elevated degrees.  This pour, boasting more tropicality and floral notes than I remember.  The wine changed, wanting me to join its journaled journey, especially on this July afternoon.  This was a true summer day, demanding delight, ease, cinematic surroundings.  Another Summer of Love, this Aesthetic advent; passion for music, wine, Sonoma County, people, the moment.  St. Francis is known for such, for being Human, non-pretentious.  This was a wine party of sorts.  No, not “of sorts.” Just a wine party, with antagonistic tunes, and similarly situated attendance.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures, talking with staff, guests. 

Great day, and this jubilant juncture provided lament.  Wasn’t a surprise, to me.  Mostly because I was at the most cosmically consistent winery in Sonoma Valley, but also because wine was pairing, deliberately, with music.  Finally, I said, a winery utterly entwined itSelf  in the most obvious of coupling.  Full glasses, rich records.  A bit disarranged in my reaction to festivities at 100 Pythian Rd, but I’m truly muted by my day on that lawn, in the tasting Room, with that Chard, dizzied by what I thew mySelf into.  More than paradisiacal, this day off.  Expect more of the same reactions, from me, on “The Frannie.”    

[7/9/11, Saturday]

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