Monday, July 18, 2011

Rootstock Reflection: Dipped in Scribbles, Sips

Remember when I heard about this engagement.  Was soaked in eagerness for its arrival.  Was so excited the day was finally here, the Mutineer Magazine-sponsored, first annual Rootstock.  I arrived ready for material.  For pages, photo, footage.  Wound up acquiring all three, dozens-fold.  Wine, its followers, at every direction shift.  This, this Saturday event, why I continue in oenoScribble.  Was really excited to see Thumbprint Cellars, one of my favorite wineries in Sonoma, or Napa.  Simple Math Cellars, too.  Went over to say hello, met Scott and Tess, Thumbprint’s booth.  Christian, from Simple Math.  All were very generous with their pours, and willingness to hear some of my idea’d lunacy regarding wine writing, blogging, “social” media, media, wine sales, bla.
D’Argenzio, the hosting winery, did a bewildering job of organizing this startlingly unique event.  “Have to revisit their wines at some point,” I told mySelf.  I did.  A few times.  I never tire of thesis holding its consistency, clarity: Wine makes the occasion.  And when paired with music, as it was yesterday, music of several flavors, my notion follows with ever more value.  Enough about me...What did I see?  People enjoying themselves, wineries I’d never before sipped, new oeno-allies.  One unexpected, a fortunate turn the day took for me, my introduction to Fuze, a juice line from the Coca Cola Company.  Cheers to my new beverage industry compatriot, David.

I caught mySelf dancing, or at the very least bobbing my head to DJ Mini Mex’s beats, or the bands around the corner, by D’Argenzio’s tasting Room.  How could I halt with three of existence’s elements, by I more adored, all around me: Music, Wine, Wonderful People.  I guess 4, if you include the food.  A celebrated celebration.  Just what I needed, frankly.  Mutineer Magazine has to be recognized for its sponsorship of an interaction resounding.  As always, all I can do is look at the stills in these cameras, wait till next year.  
What I like about this occasion: its simplicity, its uniqueness, luminosity, entrapping elements.  I already had love and respect for D’Argenzio and Mutineer, but after this...immovably loyal.  Wine, people, make these arrangements fruitful, for my page.  For me.  After a few tastes, I felt pushed to pick more pics.  I caught mySelf just sitting, shaded, writing feverishly.  Then I’d stand up, to sip, scribble, snap some more.  Was lovingly lost, around D’Argenzio’s doors, his neighbors.

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