Saturday, July 2, 2011

Morning Mocha Manuscript .. RETURN2SENDER

Not as interested in posting to this wine blog, of late.  Toying with approaches for my return to the classRoom.  I see Self instructing Creative Writing, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and a couple sections of Literary Theory.  The wine helps, and not in a humorous way, or irresponsible way.  Its tonal arrangements, presence, roads of occasion, memory, push me in this thought, creativity.  Wine is Literature.  That’s why I enjoy it so often; varying winemaker styles, varietals, labels.
Tasting generously scheduled for today, 3:45p, Rutherford.  Which is interesting, to me, as Napa’s been testing my patience with heaping confidence, self-anointment, self-obsession.  And, most pronounced and punctuated, its dismissal and degradation of my side, Sonoma County.  I can understand friendly rivalry, commercial jest.  And I’ve heard bitterness, irrational animosity on this half of the mountain.  But, it’s the neoteric Napa notes of psedo-nobility that irk me, inspire me to unfetter these entries.  At the end, I enjoy wine, not nuances or specificities of industry.  I don’t care if the bottle opened is from my side or theirs.  That’s part of what earned this blog its death order at year’s end, the chasm.  I don’t need concert in these opinions, so agreement isn’t a necessity.  However, absence of their scribble would leave to Self-fizzle, and there’s enough censorship in “the industry,” presently.  Won’t be me.
Am I a writing wine-cynic BECAUSE of the wine industry?  Absolutely.  Deception, opportunism.  Do I think it’s dominant, thematically pervading?  Yes.  Obsession with capital.  There can be balanced revenue generation, I feel, as one in “the industry.” Moving on, writing about wine has recently provoked a certain metric [a word misused, overused, mis-overused by many wine industry bots], rhyme, rhythmic shift, as wine is truly a dactylic body; musical, whimsical, animated.  That means, as I see it, that I have to continue in a more animated and whimsical, musical pass with these writings catalyzed by wine’s terrain, components.  Such, perfect for my writing, Literary, Literary Theory lectures.    
--7/2/11, Saturday--

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