Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excerpt from 2nite's Sitting

...As my brother Steve tonight me told: “..sipNscribble, that’s what we do...” He’s right.  Can’t let these devils quake my state.  Writers always wine.  I won’t be muffled, ever.  So many warn me, even ones close to the author, characters I cherish more than any existential additive I could here cite, “Mike, you need to watch how you write, I can tell you’re mad...” Understood.  Respected, and quite appreciated, such offerings.  But, at my aged age, I have to speak.  As if I don’t now, I will never.  I’m not concerned with Newton’s Law in Wine’s world, as its industry doesn’t influence me.  I plan on saying what I wish, criticizing elements of my “industry” as I anatomize.  What could the worst consequence set be for this inkman?  What can THEY do to me?  2nite’s session, a beacon sitting.  This page, my kissed sage.  Someone recently asked me, am I at war with the wine industry?  No.  I’m in wine’s “industry.” I’m saying, quite forwardly, that we shouldn’t have to be quite, or cautious.  Especially those of us with pens...

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