Sunday, October 30, 2011

63: Successfully Wined Day, Topped with Another Merlot Throw

The hydrometer readings went well.  I think, I hope.  Sent them to my sister.  Did punches prior, a few stern stirs.  The wine seems to be coming into its own coherent cuddle.  When finished with my winemaking assignments, handed from Professor Katie (Have I capitalized before, “Professor?” I hope so.  She definitely deserves.), I walked around the facility, taking even more pictures of barrels, tanks, the enveloping area.  True Wine elements.  All around me, encouraging the poetic.  Writing more raw.  I again thought of the blog, what I should do with it.  Can’t age my writings, as I recently fiddled.  One stark contrast between vino, its closely-related Lit.  Pages need be set free, immediately.
So, this ’08 Merlot.  Taste 1...  Nose offers more tease, elevated eroticism.  Deeper berry notes, smoke.  Palate:  Louder blueberry than last night, whisking mint.  Finish, light, faded.  Loudest note, blueberry, mint, maybe cherry.  Minimal tannin.  Making notes in my winemaking folder.  “Research tannin management,” I should to Self through ink.

David, Me, and Annika, sipping in the Kaz Room ...
Sip, sip ...
Great day at Kaz Winery, my first full day in 2 weeks.  Halloween, lauded jubilee at this winery.  Petite Sirah, from Lake County if I’m not mistaken, processed just outside the tasting Room’s entrance.  Pinot as well, de-stemmed, pressed.  The process of harvest, still about and on us, as I did a little punching of Petite Sirah, Lenoir.  Fun guests, throughout the day, as always at Kazzo’s Wine hut.  Tomorrow, back at NWG.  Bringing the laptop critter, for a Lit Lunch.  Figure it all out, on my hour break.  Wine, Literature, Publishing.  All that’ll bring this author to a sovereign state. 
Wine Bar beats about my chair.  The part of my reason for staying in its comforts.  This Merlot, the other.  Can’t believe how expansive that winemaking area is, at St. Francis.  Beyond inspiring, impressive.  This whole experience with Katie has shown me that I, as an artist, decide ultimately what’s attainable, where I go with my Craft.  Not some slippery-tongued salesman.  No one puppeteers poets.  Another sip in this 2008 Sonoma County puddle...  Not jolted, romanticized, but encourage to think, brainstorm.  Need to print my findings on native malolactic vs. imported/infused, or foreign, commercial strains.  Always hunting for more knowledge gems.  Love researching on winemaking maneuverings.  A new passion, writing with varietals...

10/30/2011, Sunday

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