Sunday, October 16, 2011


Paying bills.  Clock-in time, 7:24p.  Have some funds set aside for publishing.  First run of book, low quantity.  Maybe only 30 copies.  Hard to listen to this automated character and type.  Be right back...  
Bills paid, now a couple Sauv Blanc glasses.  Needed.  Great day at Kaz Winery.  Ran into an old friend, made new ones.  What happens in the tasting Room.  Was unusually trigger happy with the camera.  Looking through my stills now.  Makes me think of my winery, MY label.  Or, just makes me think.  Back to work week, morrow.  Not sure if I’m sorting whoso fruit next Saturday with Katie.  Weather dependent, as always.

Thinking, now, after my drive back home tonight, within which I was especially pensive, that I want my offsite writing office to be in Sonoma’s town limits, somewhere.  Want to be close to the square.  Haven’t walked around down there in over a year, I think.  Last time I did a tasting in the Rooms there, over a year ago.  Listening to different beats tonight, more ethnic, more cosmic.  More reverb.  This week, promising promise.  More money from writing.  No more baby steps with the vinoLitLetterz.  Not that I only write to make money, but I do need money, more.  But, this Sauv Blanc suggests, maybe I shouldn’t just abandon the Letterz.  In fact, maybe I should have them be the flagship, like the OVZ to St. Francis Winery.
Another glass, please.  I’m surprised how well this wine’s maintaining its energy, profile.  Tonight, still getting the tropical notes, musical acidity.  Sipping slow.  Didn’t hit 2k yesterday, and probably won’t tonight.  At least I’m writing, seated in the lab.  Well, actually I’m downstairs.  Need to get upstairs, produce paginated productivity.  Also want to buy some music, put mySelf in the Wine Bar, for the writing.  All, for the writing.  The Sauvignon Blanc agrees.

10/16/2011, Sunday

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