Saturday, October 22, 2011


And off we go, first day of winemaking.  Clocking-in, now, for the “before” contribution in today’s journalistic blending, 8:54a.  Early, for once.  Leaving this corner of mine at 10:20a, as I have to pick up something at Kaz.  Then, to the facility, to meet my untenably innovative, creative sister Katie.  Sure there will be fruit inspection, possibly de-stemming, but as I said in yesterday’s entry, can’t be sure.  And I love the not knowing, the completely universal lack of accurate foresight.  What makes it exciting, what makes me mentally alive.  And I think that’s what consumers want with their wines, something new, different.  A sipping surprise.
3-shot mocha endorsing this sitting.  Wine Bar Beats, in motion.  This winemaking mission will be life-long.  Will change my place in wine’s song.  Art, wine.  Literature, wine ... That’s what brought me here, vinoLit.  Today: auditory abundant, more than enough visual.  Tasting, touching.  And that collected nose of wine being made, there is no parallel.  But, even though this is a writing project for me, it is ALL about the wine, my sister’s time with me; instructing, demystifying, empowering.  Today will change everything.  I once read in a winemaker’s bio, while working on a project for the GM at NWG, that she wanted to do something new with her life, something that made her heart happy.  So, she alas answered curiosity’s call to try putting together a couple bottles, launch a little label.  And now, it’s a respectable label, I think in Washington, somewhere.  whoso, following suit.  ‘...whoso would be a man ... A NONCONFORMIST!!!’
9:09a, going to clock again to scribble a bit in the Comp book.  Later today, after winemaking lesson 1, sure I’ll be motivated to write.  First Bottled Journal, only pages away from fruition.  Want to blend some of these comatose writings, those in the plastic container, and on this portable monster, into a project.  Have the second Bottled Journal be more of a cuvée.  And, certainly, today’s immersion--a REAL immersion--will supply all the impetus necessary for such a Literary alloy, one that WILL sell.  This mocha, happy for me.  She, like Kelly, urges me to follow my curiosity with wine, winemaking.  She also, like my adored, ever-loved [did I just type that?], Kelly orders me to never stop being artistically or “intellectually” inquisitive.  That’s how relishable ripples appear. 
10/22/2011, Saturday

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