Saturday, October 15, 2011


No Lit Lunch today.  Far too famished to sit and write, have a second coffee.  Which reminds me, no mocha this morning.  Won’t be the case in morrow’s wee morrow.  On the winemaking front, whoso cellars should be getting its first fruit next Saturday, depending on the weather, Katie told me.  The more I work at NewWineGig, and the more I hear my colleagues speak of wines, winemakers, labels, appellations, the more I’m certain I’m meant to make my own wine.  I’m an artist, speaking though terroir, fruit, wine’s process.
In my cubeNOTES, I wrote thoughts of producing a Syrah, maybe with an Alicante whistle.  Don’t only want to produce Cab, SB.  Need one more character in my small play.  And why not Syrah with its sexy strut, bold beauty, refined pervasiveness.  And do I want a tasting Room?  Wait, yes, of course I do.  It’s one of the pieces I most need in being “successful” in selling my bottles.  Reason I broach such is I today entertained maybe being mailing list only, with an allocation-centered business design.  But no, definitely need the Room.  More than likely won’t be for a couple years further in winemaking trek, though.
Tomorrow’s Lit Lunch, and there will be one, promised, ignites this weekend’s Literary rush.  Two thousand words tomorrow, Sat, and Sun.  No excuses for even a word’s deprivation.  Brought monster today, but didn’t use it, and I hate that.  Tomorrow, start of something spectacular.  Each sitting must produce a product, I’ve resolved, a while ago, actually.  Need to multiply my efforts, exercises of that philosophy.  Time for a little dinner, be back, for page’s fruit.  -7:54p
10:51p.  To bed.  Actually, in bed, now.  Tomorrow night’s wines: 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Going to deconstruct their character with objectives known, ever-present.  Need to study more, my varietals.  Syrah, now one, officially.  May even open a Syrah, as well.  The ’08 I sipped last night, and a couple sessions before.  Envisioning Self in my tasting Room, tomorrow night.  One glass, three pours, as many “revisits” as I choose, or need, to understand my selected wine types. 
10/13/2011, Thursday

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