Wednesday, October 26, 2011

67, pt II: Wine’s Reign, Welcomed; Celebratory Impromptu Sips

After a complete day of wine education, interaction, Aestheticism, I finally sit with the ’07 Cabernet I’ve been meaning to enjoy, deeply appreciate.  And, I must be honest, the mouthfeel’s a bit lack luster for me, my page.  The following profile, a bit light, timid.  Not sure if it’s even worth transcribing.  But tonight, today, most definitely worthy of free page space.  This morning, visit to new winery.  Had opportunities to witness their harvest process, taste Merlot gapes, talk to the winemaker.  Later, in office, tasted through an extensive vertical, from one of my favorite wineries in Napa County.  After work, connected with my old friend Dalia Ceja, from Ceja Winery, and Al Jabarin, Proprietor of 1313 Main Street Wine Bar in Napa’s downtown.  The winery visit today, with my sweetest of friends, Justine, showed me that amongst true wine elements is where this author ought artistically acclimate.  Old has inner climate culminating for sakes of my tasting Room, my winery.

Katie dismissed me from punchdown duty tonight.  Which is fine, if that helps her.  She’s so busy, in harvest’s demanding swings, I’m bewilderingly flattered that she can even spare a second’s slice to make time with her overeager older brother.  Looking at my pictures, taken from my phone, tempts me to dump the Cab I’m sipping, speed to the winery, check on my barrels‘ occupant grapes.  See how our wine unfolds in its spell, autonomous intentions.  Yes, there’s a way I’d like it to persist, I’m sure Katie as well, but I want the wine to grow as it wishes, be somewhat independent of Katie and I.  Be its own mind.  Again, truly AUTONOMOUS.  Wishing that for our wine, bluntly.  
Can’t believe how much I wrote on today’s Literary Lunch.  1500+ words.  Thank the free mocha.  Such banquet to see Samantha tonight, my old NWG colleague.  Her blog, one of my preferreds, appears to be continually spellbinding its readers.  Most assuredly me.  That’s what wine does, as I’ve always said.  Recipe the occasion.  In tonight’s case, sparkling wine, but you can interpret my thesis, as its ever obvious.  Already awaiting my next 1313 visit, revisit.

Al, Dalia, and I at 1313 Main St. Wine Bar
So, this Cabernet, not what I expected, or remember.  Our debut bottle, must have a more full, personified mouthfeel than this.  What I get from these pours: some cherry, mint or eucalyptus, shy tobacco, earthy tea.  But each note appears thin, without vigor.  If anything, I’ve gained from waiting for my ’07 pours, this night’s tasting.  Tomorrow, long run due.  Thinking 5 miles, after punchdowns.  But will it be too late?  Don’t plan, I tell mySelf.  Just see.  So now, I sip.  vinoLit ...  

10/26/2011, Wednesday

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