Saturday, October 29, 2011

64: Wine Readings

Left my notebook in the car.  Need to get it, as my winemaking notes from the day are inscribed on present’s page.  There were different readings from both barrels, the brix levels.  Tomorrow, I’ll be taking readings by mySelf.  Like how Katie trusts in my passion, abilities to perform even small tasks, solo.  Tonight, I plan to study an ’08 Cab’s profile.  Still thinking of the impact the ’07 had.  How I was unimpressed, but interested in my reaction’s lack.  Beautiful day outside, especially up in Alexander Valley this morning, for my meeting.  Nothing but possibilities in this wine world, its “industry.”
Katie and I had an interesting discussion this afternoon, before I left.  Is “custom crushing” winemaking?  I argued that it’s not, comparing it to someone taking credit for a book that ghost writers for them composed.  Katie didn’t say it was winemaking, but urged me not to rule it out.  But I have to, as I’m a writer.  And, as I recently scribbled into this log, I make wine in the same vein, with the same artistic integrity, as I pen my Literary works.  So custom crushing it out.  Have to fund wine with writing.  But, how to do so ... 
Need to get out for a run, visit my new gym.  The Wine Bar tracks tell me do just the antithesis.  Stay with page, open an IPA.  Sorry, Thievery.  Need to force this idle writer into movement.  Should bring my little notebook with me, scribble whatever I can remember from the intervals.  Just had lunch, waiting for body to readjust.  Writing tonight with no aim, no desire for sense, predictability.  Just magnificent mess.  Aesthetic, poetic.  
The blog, may have another life lease, I realized this morning, getting closer to the winery.  Costs nothing to maintain, has earned me some recognition.  But will it help me cross into true Autonomy?  Going to print the first Bottled Journal tonight, hopefully.  Let it age a while.  But what will that do?  That’s not what I want to do.  Should probably just leap, publish it.
10/29/2011, Saturday

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