Sunday, October 23, 2011

70: Day Off, but not from Wine

My new friend Laurie from Denton, TX & I ...
Sipping in the Kaz Room

Yesterday, after winemaking class, I scurried over to Kaz, to check in, pick up a check.  Shocked completely with how busy they were.  Not just concerning tasting Room guests, but Pinot arriving from Carneros.  I decided to bring in the bottles I purchased from St. Francis, so they wouldn’t get cooked, as it was quite warm.  I believe in the high 80s, maybe low 90s.  Set them down behind the counter, jumped in and poured a bit.  Fun group from Denton, TX.  All energy positive, in all motions, pours and sips.  In the context of harvest, making wine, consumers too seek to experience newness, they hunt discovery, new gems.  Couldn’t believe how delicious the Pinot berries tasted, even only in the lower 20-something brix bracket.  Kaz’s wines appear to bring out the wine-shoved curiosity, Humanness, in all of us.  Why do limos full of fun folk arrive with such fluidity?  Because of his approach to wine, the open door.  Inclusivity, no exclusivity.
Today, on my first full day off in over two weeks, I’ve been researching winemaking, winemaking techniques, tools, methods of interpreting certain varietals.  I’m returning to my sister’s shop tomorrow for yeast inoculation.  Yesterday, our handing the grapes, even the sulfuric fog invading my space, still on my mind.  I want those elements to be everyday for me, soon.

My tasting Room, whether solo or with Katie, I hope to have a feel like Kaz’s, with similar elemental, atmospheric invite.  Music, necessary.  I would like it to have more of a Humanly vogued Wine Bar/Lounge taste to it, so it doesn’t exactly hit the guest like a tasting Room.  You’re at someone’s house, or in an especially serene wine-set setting.  Urging them to sip, safely and musically escape reality.  Been de-cluttering today, as well.  Feels liberating, renewing to rid Self of items, objects, with which I haven’t emotionally or physically or intellectually connected in months, if perhaps years.  Next target: this desk.  Needs to be more of a writer’s, WINEMAKER’S, space than a landing zone for stay specs of past.
Tonight, back to study that ’08 Cab from last night.  Want to see how it maintains its vigor, how I see our Cabernet comparing.  What notes will be heard tonight from that bottle?  Dying to know.  Also want to know how palates’ll react to our maiden voyage.  But, as Katie suggested yesterday, just let it happen, unfold.  That’s what I have to do.  As writer, WINEMAKER.
10/23/2011, Sunday, NewMike

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