Saturday, October 15, 2011

79: 1979, Me, Now in Wine, Writing, the Literary ... whoso [Friday, 8/14/11]

11:01p, and me, writing more than freely.  Should get to bed soon, as I’m obligated to NWG tomorrow, certainly.  Another sip of this Cab, Alexander Valley, puts my specs in perspective.  Not in the mood to write.  So, I’ll stop... Pick up in the morning.  Plagiarize time accuracy.  How is it as late as it be?  Time speedily, unfairly, passing me.  My poems catch it, accurately, acutely.  Putting this monster down, to enjoy this comical show on the on the ghostly.  I find it quite comical.  The hosts, at the Winchester Mystery House, acting like bending asses.  Would love to have a writing mission like this.  Me, would take such seriously.
8:27a, Saturday, 8/15/11.  Awake, ready to launch back to Napa.  May ask for the day tomorrow, from Kaz.  Need a break, at some point, and NWG’s been testing me, in a positive way, but nonetheless one demanding full attention.  Last night’s unhinged word binge, still in sight.  Still tasting its contour, article. 
Had more wine last night than I have in a while.  So, moving a bit slow.  Sipping a Diet Coke to wake me up, rid my matter of this drag.  Today’s whoso assignment: write about it, brainstorm, keep the pen moving on my label; write what I see, what I hope for, what I wants guests to experience, sip, remember, share with their loved’s.  
Felt unbelievable to write as freely as I did yesterday, last night.  The spoken word I hurried in the cube, has to be typed at some point tomorrow.  I mean, today.  What day is it?  Didn’t have the energy, or focus, let’s be forward here, to finish my 300 words on that couch, only hours ago.  Off to the meeting.  Write you later, loyal reader.  Wondering what Kelly’s doing today.  Maybe she’ll want to do some tasting with me.  Russian River, maybe...

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