Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Terlato Harvest Fiesta

Wine, as I’ve said, is occasions, moments spent with people about whom you care, or at least like. Up at Rutherford Hill the other night, I had an amazing, memorable set of scenes with the crews of Alderbrook Winery, Chimney Rock, and, our hosting tribe, Rutherford Hill. Great Mexican food and mariachi band made the evening ever better.
One aspect of the 2010 Harvest Party day upon which I’ll be reflecting for some time to come, aside from my blogging partner Rony’s charismatic lines on wine, was the drive from Healdsburg to Rutherford Hill. These are views I’ve never enjoyed, at least not like this, with big windows in a limo bus. Inspiring, humbling. Amazing day, occasion, and people. OH, and, of course, amazing wine from the three Terlato spots. Peace...and sip, sip...

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